Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why We Love Bad Habits

Earlier this year when our friends and family found out that Craig would be starting preschool we were frequently warned about all the bad habits he would pick up from other children....

Like climbing up the slide the wrong way (which is explicitly forbidden at preschool)....
Or jumping off of dangerously high objects (which Craig never did until after kids at preschool taught him how)....
But in the Brown household we love, LOVE, LOVE it when Craig picks up bad habits from other children.  Autistic children generally have a serious lack of imitation (meaning "monkey does not see, so monkey does not do").  If you take a minute to think about it you'll see that children learn SO much by just watching their parents.  

So, Craig picking up bad habits from kids shows that he has joint attention with other children (meaning he is interested in what other children are interested in) and he's imitating what they are doing. 

Seeing all these learned bad habits just warms my heart (and I can't wait to see more). 

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